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How To Test Roulette Strategies?

Martingale Strategy

The essence of the strategy is as follows:

  • The game begins with some pre-selected starting bet.
  • After each loss, the player must increase the bet so that in case of a win, pay off all previous losses in this series, with a small income. (For example, 1-2-4-8-16-32-64, etc.). Subject to the sequence, the player’s profit upon winning will be equal to the initial bet.
  • In case of winning, the player must return back to the initial bet.

How To Test Roulette Strategies?When a player wins, even after a long series of losses, he wins back the entire loss and at the same time earns a profit equal to the starting rate. This strategy seems to be a win-win, as the player cannot lose forever. However, the player’s capital is not infinite (see also St. Petersburg paradox), and in the case of a long series of losses, losses grow exponentially.

Quite quickly, a player may go bankrupt, and will not be able to continue the game. Using the martingale system roulette, the player does not get an advantage, he just redistributes his winnings: the player rarely loses, but a lot, and often wins a little. Moreover, following this strategy, players in practice often lose their pot on average faster, accelerating to higher levels of the average bet than usual for the same players. (more…)