Easy Ways for Free Followers Instagram 2019

By | November 13, 2019

Easy Ways for Free Followers Instagram 2018Instagram is generally a very popular social media website, just like Facebook, where people are able to post pictures as well as videos. This has gradually made it outgrow other major social media websites such as Twitter, Tumblr or even Facebook! Most people in Instagram will always strive to grow their account and hence gain more recognition. One of the most common ways of becoming popular on Instagram is by having as many followers as possible. Earning followers especially for marketers is a very important growth strategy to ensure they can reach out to as many people. This article reviews easy ways for free followers Instagram 2019.

If you have a great desire in growing your Instagram account or just becoming more popular, then getting Instagram followers is something you ought to consider. Instagram has had tremendous growth over the past three years from 2015 when most people started using it. Marketing strategies that were used back then, are therefore very different from what could be used now. According to statistics, Instagram is currently known to have approximately 1 billion users worldwide, therefore a very broad marketing platform. However, obtaining followers may not be as easy and it solely depends on the content you post.

How it Works

Whether new or having stayed for a while in Instagram, there are a number of ways you can easily obtain free followers, based on your marketing strategy. In as much as posting content more often can contribute to popularity, one of the most important means is by engaging directly with your followers. There are a number of steps you need to follow to ensure you get at least 10,000 followers or more, as follows;

Target A Minimum Of 100 Followers

If you are new in Instagram or just want to start earning followers in Instagram, one of the most important ways you can start with is sending a newsletter to your clients/friends who may not have joined yet. If you own a business or just developed a community, then it would even be easier. You can also give a discount to your followers in terms of sales, such as 30% off on discount. Alternatively, if you do not have a business or an established community, you can still reach out to family or friends to be your first followers. This can either be through email or even other social media such as WhatsApp or Facebook.

Instagram Contests

As a marketer or business person, you can opt to set up contests such that people who can see your profile can view and participate in your contests. This will give them a desire to follow you such that they can get awards, with competitions such as; follow to win, or even share to win. Most Instagram users will have an interest in participating in what can earn them awards. However, you need to be careful to follow all the Instagram rules for competitions.

Engage with other Users

Since Instagram is a social website, it is very important to engage with other users as compared to exploring or posting more content. Ensure to have a more personal engagement with other users if you are serious with getting followers. You can also like the posts of the users whom you would want to follow you and also post good comments. This is because interaction enables people to appreciate and follow you.

Have Better And Compelling Captions

Posting pictures and videos is good, but even better is posting the appropriate captions as it speaks more of your personality. With captions, you will also be able to show better hashtags, bring out more engagement with other users and hence attract more followers. Some of these captions may include emojis, hashtags, as well as crucial information.

Learn From Analytics

You can also opt to compare with the previous Instagram several years back, to determine what you can improve on since it has been rapidly evolving. Features are added and improved around the social media each year and as time goes by. This will give you more strategy to go with the times and even be better.

Final Verdict

As a marketer or a person who wants to get as many followers on Instagram, obtaining followers can be very easy if you know the strategies to go with. Most people also want popularity, but fail to know the means to get there. There are so many people, especially the young generation of between 18-29 years of age who are on Instagram. This article reviews the easy ways how you can get Instagram followers in 2019 to get to a bigger platform.