How To Get Free Wi-Fi? Password Unlock 2019

By | November 13, 2019

How To Get Free Wi-Fi? Password Unlock 2019People of this generation are glued to their gadgets. They would normally spend 5-8 hours a day on their device. Certainly, modern advances in technology play an important role in people’s lives nowadays. There are numerous reasons why people spend so much time with their gadgets. Some use it for work purposes and some may use if for entertainment purposes. For working purposes, people nowadays prefer working remotely.

Meanwhile, for entertainment purposes, gamers don’t want to play alone. Flence, they play gadget games that allow them to play with other is the gaming community. One thing all gadget activities have in common is the use of the internet. Hence, people’s reliability towards the internet is pretty high. For that reason, the internet is needed at any time and any place.

So, How Do You Get Free Wi-Fi?

Hacking a Wi-Fi password can be done anywhere. You can unlock your neighbor’s Wi-Fi, an office’s Wi-Fi, or even a school’s W-Fi. It may take time at first. But once you get the hang of things, hacking would be a simple and quick process. For that reason, take a good look at these popular tools for Wi-Fi password unlock 2019.


KismetKismet can work on several operating systems. If you are on Linux, OSX, and Windows 10, Kismet can give you a really good hacking experience. This tool can do various things for you. Most noteworthy, Kismet acts as a wireless network for your device. But not only that, it also detects devices, sniffs, wardrives tools, and acts as a framework for wireless intrusion detection. Kismet can operate with various features on your operating system. Here is a list of features on your gadget that Kismet works with:

  • Bluetooth
  • Software defined radio hardware
  • Wi-Fi


The KisMac application is quite straightforward. It is described as a scanner to detect Wi-Fi profiles. Therefore, with this application you identify clients connected to a certain Wi-FI. Not only that, KisMac also enables its users to recognize Wi-Fi maps. Moreover, with this app you can crack passwords and gather other information of a Wi-Fi’s regular users.

KisMacSimilar to other Wi-Fi hacking products in the market, KisMac has various functionalities for its users. With its scanner, KisMac lets you know what Wi-Fi connections are available around you. However, not all Wi-Fi connections can be seen on our gadget. There are some Wi-Fi owners who decide to be extra protective. Consequently, they decide to hide their Wi-Fi from the public. Nevertheless, KisMac is a sophisticated application. It can actually show those Wi-Fi connections which are hidden.

Another feature of KisMac is their sniffer. To imagine how the sniffer works, you can imagine tracking dogs used in investigations. Tracking dogs can identify things humans can’t. Things that may seem blatantly unclear to humans’ senses are actually tracked by these specially trained dogs.

As a result, these dogs are able to identify objects used in a crime and etc. by sniffing. Similarly, this is how KisMac’s sniffers work. For those who do not know much about the sophisticated stuffs about their gadgets, this sniffer is useful. It lets you know what is wrong with the Wi-Fi network you are using. It’s like a trouble shooter. Certainly, almost everyone has experience with trouble shooters.

Finally, the last feature that KisMac has is their Wi-Fi security tool. Well, the name of the feature speaks for itself. This feature is used to provide protection for Wi-Fi connections. For that reason, with this feature you can do surveillance and make sure unwanted users are not on your Wi-Fi.

Fern Wi-Fi Wireless Cracker

Fern Wi-Fi Wireless CrackerThe last hacking tool discussed here which you can find in the market is Fern Wi-Fi Wireless Cracker. Obviously, the main intention of the creator of the tool is to crack Wi-Fi connection passwords. Fern Wi-Fi Wireless Cracker is used to attack wireless internets and security tools. However, please note that the Wi-Fi needs to be Python Qt GUI library and Python Programming Language written. A very important thing you need to know before attempting to install Fern Wi-Fi Wireless Cracker is that it can be operated only for Kali Linux.

Most importantly, the hacking tool is free on the internet. Hence, this makes it even more appealing for everyone looking to crack some Wi-Fi codes. Let’s face the fact. Everyone wants apps to be free. They don’t want to spend anything if there is a similar product that comes with no charge. The free products in the market will obviously get more attention.

Due its features and functionalities, Fern Wi-Fi Wireless Cracker can crack a lot of keys. WPA, WEP, and WPS are keys that you can crack using this Wi-Fi hacking tool. More than that, it can also be used to crack codes of LANs. LANs are very popular amongst gaming communities. It allows gamers to play in the same arena without having to use internet data. This can help you join in the fun without even being invited.