How To Test Roulette Strategies?

By | November 13, 2019

Martingale Strategy

The essence of the strategy is as follows:

  • The game begins with some pre-selected starting bet.
  • After each loss, the player must increase the bet so that in case of a win, pay off all previous losses in this series, with a small income. (For example, 1-2-4-8-16-32-64, etc.). Subject to the sequence, the player’s profit upon winning will be equal to the initial bet.
  • In case of winning, the player must return back to the initial bet.

How To Test Roulette Strategies?When a player wins, even after a long series of losses, he wins back the entire loss and at the same time earns a profit equal to the starting rate. This strategy seems to be a win-win, as the player cannot lose forever. However, the player’s capital is not infinite (see also St. Petersburg paradox), and in the case of a long series of losses, losses grow exponentially.

Quite quickly, a player may go bankrupt, and will not be able to continue the game. Using the martingale system roulette, the player does not get an advantage, he just redistributes his winnings: the player rarely loses, but a lot, and often wins a little. Moreover, following this strategy, players in practice often lose their pot on average faster, accelerating to higher levels of the average bet than usual for the same players.

How To Test Strategie and Not Lose a Lot Of Money?

It can be really risky testing roulette strategies. If you are using real money and things go wrong, then you are clearly going to be worse off. I am now going to speak about the idea of testing different strategies, whilst not losing too much of your own money.

First of all you should always be playing in real mode when testing any strategies. You have to do this because the fun modes and real modes offered by online casinos differ. So, if you play roulette free and your results are good, this does not mean that they will be as good in real mode.

Where Better To Check The Strategy?

Probably one of the best places where you can test out is Casino Epoca because they have really low table limits. You can bet as low as one penny per spin, there is no other online casino that I have come across that will let you do this.

How To Test Roulette Strategies?Even if you were playing with a low amount like £5, it’s more than enough to test a strategy and see if it’s any good. The game play is quite slow at Casino Epoca though, which is the only bad point about testing strategies there. You have to sit and watch the ball spin round on every spin and this can become annoying.

If Casino Epoca doesn’t appeal to you then your only other option is to go to a Playtech Casino which is another good place for testing systems. You can spin the wheel for free at Microgaming casinos in real mode, meaning that you can apply paper trading.

What paper trading means is when you record the result you get after every spin in a game and keep a track of what your balance is. This sort of thing is incredibly boring I know, but it is better than going in blind, not knowing what you are doing, then losing lots of money.

When to Switch To Real Money?

I strongly recommend that you thoroughly test out any systems before you start wagering money for real. You need to also bear in mind the ever present house edge, it may be that a lot of time is spent testing on your part.