Save Your Money With Http Injector Hack Free Internet Android

By | November 13, 2019

Save Your Money With Http Injector Hack Free Internet AndroidThe Internet has become a necessity for everyone nowadays. It has brought a sense of knowledge and awareness by providing access to worldwide information on your fingertips, ultimately, it has a great impact on anyone’s life.

There are many uses of the internet but communication, online money transaction, education, and news updates are some of the major gifts of the Internet. Students, teachers, researchers, businessmen, and many other people are becoming dependent on the internet at its services in one way or another. At this time, no one wants to live or even can imagine a life without having access to the internet.

So, a 24/7 access to the internet is required to everyone which is obviously not freely available. If you are availing some services or buying any goods you have to pay for it. Same is the case with the internet, it is a service that everyone wants to avail without paying anything in return. You can save your money using Http Injector as it allows you to hack free internet for Android devices.

This article is a complete and comprehensive guide for you to get an idea about this hack for free internet. It is easy to understand this guide with a slightly greater knowledge of using an Android device than a normal user. So, let’s talk about it in detail.

What is an HTTP injector?

It is actually a software that works just like an Android VPN (Virtual Private Network) or SSN (Secure Shell) application used for mobile internet. This application makes it easier for you to import or make configuration for this purpose many useful tools such as IP checker, IP hunter, tethering unlock and payload generator are included in it. IP hunter is used in hiding or replacing the original proxy. Besides that, payload generator has the functionality to produce a payload method that is actually used to get access to free internet. Http Injector application is famous among many countries like the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Brazil and many more are on the list.

Use of HTTP injector

This app or its APK can be used for different operators. Obviously, it needs specific settings in order to provide free internet. As you know different operators have different settings so you have to keep this in mind.


  • An android device having a SIM slot
  • A SIM
  • Zero load balance
  • An HTTP injector app

Config files Procedure:

First of all, you have to download the HTTP injector application from the Google Play Store in your Android device, the alternative of this is to download and install an APK that is easily available.

After this step you have to set up the payload as payload generator, it can be done by going into the menu of HTTP injector and for payload setting following things need to be filled:

  • URL: fill it with the operator proxy
  • Method for request: you have to select “Connect”
  • Method for query: you have to select “Front Query”
  • Header: you have to select the “online host”
  • Now you have to click generate payload button and the details of payload will be filled.
  • After payload generation, you have to fill the fields in SSH setting by navigating to it through the menu.
  • Details to be filled are:
  • Host: the host you have created will be entered here
  • Port: it depends on the host created but you can use some general port
  • SSH username: you have to enter the SSH username
  • SSH password: you have to enter the SSH password
  • After filling up these two important details you have to start it to view if it is connected or not. Go to the log tab in the application and it will show you the connection status. If it is not connected and the connection fails then you have to do one more thing that is adding IP hunter. Add IP hunter and you are done. Finally, you have started an HTTP injector successfully.


Some important and main features of using it for free internet are as follows:

  • An amazing feature of this app it that is will make your IP and MAC addresses secure by making them untraceable
  • ISP has blocked many websites according to the services they are providing so you can access the blocked websites too
  • You get multiple servers for sending requests through it
  • You can use root to gain access to its advanced features too
  • It secures your connection too as it is using SSH in its functions

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